One Line

Network acceleration

(One-line network acceleration software) helps you break through the speed bottleneck of telecommunications, China Netcom and education network, and realize one-line communication between the three networks.


, You will never have a cause

Internet speed

And the troubles it brings; playing online games will no longer be stuck; there will be no online games that cannot be played; watching movies, downloading files and browsing the web on the Internet will no longer be anxiously waiting.

Yixiantong will bring you an unprecedented network experience, allowing

We come together

Experience this "fast" feeling!

One-line communication

Network accelerator

Automatic access to the network platform of each node, you can directly enjoy the high-speed

Internet access

Cross-network acceleration. For example, if you are a Netcom user, your access to telecommunications is very slow.

One-line accelerator

Later, the speed of accessing telecommunications will increase, if you are a telecommunications user, the speed of accessing Netcom will increa

Accelerators are used to accelerate cross-network access. What zone do you play games in? What kind of network is you? If your own network and the game's network are different, of course you will get stuck. In this case, using an accelerator will have an effect. If your own network and the game network are the same, there is no way for any accelerator!se